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Best In Class Quality Management Also In
Access Panel Methodology

State-of-the-art online Quality Checks encompass sample for all Panel Partners. We ensure that respondents are:




Real Survey Duration


Real Respondents


Unique Respondents

Data Collection

It’s in our nature!!

Our experience is based on “Understanding of Middle East Data collection dynamics”,
“providing High Quality Data, “Responsive service” and “Competitive costing”.

CATI – Quality Control Processes

CATI – Quality Control Processes

Selective Recruitment

Interviewers go through a week-long orientation program

Post training program, mock interviews are done to re-assess their capabilities

CATI – Quality Control Processes

Detailed Project Set Up Meeting

A project set up meeting is
arranged involving PM,
CATI PIC & Supervisors

A clear-cut plan to execute
QC process is laid out by
CATI QC lead

100% of calls are recorded

CATI – Quality Control Processes

Rigorous Quality Control Process

Dedicated resources to carry out QC process of interviews done by CATI @ Home interviewers

Live listening & NIPO watch (FS & QC team-2%) by agents throughout all segments.

QC done using NIPO D-entry tool where the data and the recordings are accessed simultaneously (QC team-10% or as per study requirement) .

Listening to recordings and entry in DCMS directly (QC team-10%).

QC issues are instantly communicated with interviewers.

Weekly QC report is shared by Supervisor based on the quality checks done.

Corrective measure is taken with the agent as per the Zero tolerance policy

Monthly reward based on over all performance for 3 top best interviewers.

CATI – Quality Control Processes

Additional Back- Check Measures

Interviewer performance report is generated to see successful interviews done, strike rate, LOI appointments refusals, screen outs etc, 3% by agents throughout all segments

Every 3 months, a re-briefing session is conducted with the interviewers in order to refresh the project
objectives and provide feedback

Feedback received from client is also passed onto the interviewers to enhance quality.

Hybrid Research Solutions…

We understand there is more
than one way to get answers to
your important questions.

To meet the need of fast paced
decision making on ever shirking budgets, gaining comprehensive understanding of the business issue at hand, to close any potential vacuum
between Quant and Qual methods to achieve broader and more accurate data.

We are pioneers in proving hybrid research methodologies that encompasses both human centered insights and analytics. Our strength
is to provide mix of Digital and Manual data collections for both qual and quant research types using latest technologies.