About Us

Longstanding Professionals

iBrid Insights was created to serve the domestic and international primary data collection needs for both quantitative and qualitative B2C and B2B market research.

We are an independent agency with senior leadership that has a tenure of more than 30+ years with the largest research consultancies in the Middle East region delivering on more than 1000+projects for blue-chip organisations and governmental agencies.

iBird has adopted ISO standards and the required approved vendor compliance across all aspect of the delivery process with automation and robust process management on quality assurance and control.

iBird is at the forefront of data collection technology utilizing the full NIPO suite that supports the highest standards on recruitment, sampling, fraud detection and quality 

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iBird is at the forefront of data collection technology utilizing the full NIPO suite that supports the highest standards on recruitment, sampling, fraud detection and quality 

iBrid insights has a team of 250+ male and female interviewers with specialists across all industry types, across the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Our employee relationship model and staff performance management and incentivization system is a critical enabler of iBirds robust project delivery capabilities.

We have longstanding equity across clientele and senior consultancy management base within the Middle East and North Africa markets, as trusted advisors on project and sample design.

Our Mission

To support our clients best in class insights generation with the best in class primary and secondary market data

Data Collection

It’s in our nature!!

Our experience is based on “Understanding of Middle East Data collection dynamics”,
“providing High Quality Data, “Responsive service” and “Competitive costing”.


In a world where markets are experiencing massive disruption and evolution, gathering reliable and compelling data for deeper insights is paramount for
brand success. Working in partnership with you, iBrid Insights goes further than high precision data collection to enable better insights.

Data Collection Management System – DCMS (We Follow Global Standards)

We have developed an internal tool for managing the complete data collection process for CAPI & CATI

Project Matrix

Overall project information e.g.
Timeline, allocation, historical data, review notes etc.



Volume forecast by
month / PIC / FW
progress specific month


Interviewer Management

Active interviewers’
details / performance /


Supervisor Management

Active FS details /
performance /



Tool to verify the silent
recording compliance by
project and by interviewer.


Post Validation

Validating interview by telephone and generate
callback report by project/interviewer. Repeated
respondent review.


Field Payment

By project / month /
by individual /

Meet Our Team

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John Austin

Co-Founder and  CFO
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Amelia Tan

Event Director

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Dan Jackson

Production Manager
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